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2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 13 When I started Bikram Yoga ten years ago, my neck and back were in such poor shape that I could not look up without feeling intense pain in my lower back. I couldn’t even think of doing a back bend. I was treated for neck, back and hip pain by chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists and physical therapists, mostly with short term pain relief. Soon after starting Bikram Yoga at Village Yoga, the frequency and intensity of pain lessened. For the first time in decades, I was able to do a back bend! WOW!
                                                                                       Sarah Gerhardt

2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 15  Although through the years my yoga practice has been inconsistent, there’s been no doubt in my mind that my life seems closer to harmony the more I attend class. Even during challenging times in my life, just showing up has guided me one asana at at time or one foot infromt of the other. Although surfing has taken a front seat for most of my life, yoga keeps the wheels turning and has allowed me to continue to push my surfing in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. No matter where I’m at in my life, I always feel the best when I walk out of the doors at Village Yoga.
                                                                                       Darshan Gooch
Jerome Garcia 

The things I love about Village Yoga are: the instructors are all great; it continues the mind-body development that I liked so much about martial arts; it is challenging. My left hip now seems to be going in the way of my replaced hip, but I know that if I have to replace it, both my body and my mind will be in great shape when it happens.
                                                                                   Jerome Garcia

   cta6_copy  I can’t begin to tell you how much Bikram Yoga has helped me in my life. I have more confidence, energy, happiness and peace. Not only that, all of my aches and pains have gone away. I used to have terrible neck and arm pain from previous injuries; physical therapy and massage provided only temporary relief. I have met so many wonderful, caring, people here at Village Yoga – the love is abundant! The teachers are all excellent and really take an interest in you and how you are doing. They really care, and that is what makes this place so special.
                                                                                       Carol Mikkelsen
   Paul Calhoun It’s August 10th, right after 6pm, and I’m laying on the floor at Village Yoga in Soquel right after my first Bikram Yoga class. With waves of energy racing through my body like I’ve never felt before, I’m thinking to myself, “I have to come back and do this again tomorrow!” That was in 2004, almost 10 years ago, and still, to this day almost each night I think to myself, “When am I going to do yoga tomorrow?”
                                                                                        Paul Calhoun
2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 35  Attending yoga classes at Village Yoga has helped me in many ways. In addition to becoming more flexible, my focus and concentration have improved. I’m also more tolerant and understanding when external circumstances aren’t ideal. I move through the world with greater ease and a greater sense of peace. I’m able to connect more deeply with those I love and those I like because of the relaxation and joy that Bikram yoga provides me. I also have more energy and balance. I appreciate the loving intensity and encouraging humor with which the excellent instructors teach the classes. Yoga classes at Village Yoga are a tremendous gift that provides so much to our community.
                                                                                         Andy Shapiro 
2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 30 I started my Bikram practice in 2001 at the little studio in Soquel. The results were amazing – physically, visually, mentally and emotionally! I’ve always been very athletic, but as I’ve gotten older, some past injuries and arthritis began to raise their ugly heads. Bikram Yoga fixed both – my arthritis began to fade to nothing and injuries healed. I also love the detox effect, especially if I have a few glasses of wine the night before….Bikram Yoga is perfect for balance, endurance, strength and for the amazing focus that flows through to all areas of my life!
                                                                                           Patti Boe  
2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 16 I went to my first class kicking and screaming. I am claustrophobic and also, being from Boston, I get crabby in the heat. My first class was miserable. I barely survived. I had no idea a body could sweat so much! The last half hour of class I was crawling around the floor in my most primal state, just trying to survive and not leave the room. When I got home I sat on my couch and stared into space. It was then that an incredible “high” came over me. I hadn’t felt that good in my body since I was 12. I forgot that I could feel so alive and have such joy. From that point forward, I was hooked. I’ve been going to Village Yoga for the last 6 years, encouraged by the superb teachers who embody the studio’s vibe of love and gratitude.
                                                                                       Mary Toscano
Lisa Woffington When I first started practicing Bikram Yoga, I believed it was a “torture chamber!” It was challenging just to get to the studio! But, I knew deep down that it would “correct” my body. As I patiently practiced my way through the pain, tension and resistance in my being, new layers of awareness in my physical, mental and spiritual bodies were ignited and activated. Slowly but surely I was witnessing my body transform, my attitudes and emotions balance out, and I felt more grounded in my body. This is my presription for health! Village Yoga is an amazing and loving community overflowing with inspiration, and I am honored to be a part of it!
                                                                                      Lisa Woffington
Lisa Kirk Years of go, go, go, always moving, always competing, always working. In yoga, I’ve finally found I can slow down, pay attention, and be with my thoughts. With each class, with each posture, with each breath, I feel more genuine.
                                                                                             Lisa Kirk  
   Steve Donohue My Bikram practice at Village Yoga has had a profound effect on every part of my daily life. I lost 45 lbs, which has increased my wellness to new heights. My body is morphing itself into a much more flexible and comfortable machine. My heart sings after every practice. I have learned that I can receive a lot of positive benefits from concentrating on my breathing, both inside and outside of class. I am quite large, and everyone has been and continues to be SO SUPPORTIVE of my practice that I look forward to it. I am showered with love and kindness from my fellow practitioners and incredible instructors. It is safe to say that, for me, my Bikram Yoga practice has changed everything, much to my positive benefit. YEAH!
                                                                                       Steve Donohue
    Bob Eriksen I am the least likely student of yoga you could ever imagine. After playing team sports my whole life (college and professional football, college rugby and baseball, basketball), and having 7 surgeries (3 neck/back, 1 ankle, and 3 knee), I am extremely inflexible and stiff. After doing physical therapy for my last surgery in 2001, I still was not healing well. Fortunately, I heard about Village Yoga, and started my practice years ago in Soquel. It has been a long, slow process but it is paying off. I have learned that the body can heal itself through yoga and that the mind can be reprogrammed. Through yoga, I have learned about stretching, breathing, meditation, circulation and a new approach to living. I have always been “the worst one in the back row” but I have the best chance to gain the most improvement. I am grateful to Sally and Amy and all the instructors for their patience and for their encouragement of my yoga practice. I am proud to be a member of the Village Yoga family.
                                                                                              Bob Eriksen

Sharon May  Eleven years later I’m still learning, and I love the challenge. For me, this yoga is a meditation and a gentle workout, in spite of the tremendous effort it takes for each and every class. Some of the benefits I experienced within the first year of my practice: slept better at night; blood pressure became significantly lower; my skin felt softer; I was getting stronger, and even noticed definition in my arms; the persistent, stress-induced soreness in the muscles in my neck/shoulder area finally disappeared. It’s never too late, it’s never too bad, you’re never too old, you’re never too sick to start Bikram Yoga. It’s all true; I like that.
                                                                                         Sharon May
Rose Burnett  Through a regular practice of Bikram Yoga, I am able to expand the opening of my heart, deepen my sense of peace, and strengthen my connection to others, the universe and myself. I feel calm and joyful the minute I step into the Village Yoga studio, as the owners, teachers and students are truly like a family to me. Village Yoga supports me in all areas of my life and I am so very thankful to be a part of such a beautiful, loving community.
                                                                                          Rose Burnett
2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 40  Every teacher has offered me something new to work on every time I practice. This is wonderful! I leave class calm and peaceful, yet excited about the day. You can’t beat that! If someone were to ask me for my thoughts before each class, my answer would be very consistent: “I’m happy to be here.”
                                                                                           Kate Walsh
2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 12   I had no idea what I was getting into eight years ago. I showed up like a sad kitten, with no mat, water or towel…I just knew I was ready to hang up my running shoes. In the meantime, my family has endured crisis after crisis. This studio has not only kept me from crumbling under the pressure, but I am doing better than ever. Thanks teachers, I’ll love you forever.
                                                                                  Jane Durrell

  2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 4 When I started Bikram Yoga, I couldn’t even touch my toes. A year later I can put my hands on the floor. In my life, Bikram Yoga is where I push myself the hardest, and yet I find it the easiest to do. It energizes and relaxes me all at once and I know that when I’m lose, I can go into Savasana and find myself again.
                                                                                      Shea Putnam  
     2014 BIKRAM WEBSITE 44 Yoga benefits my life everyday by enabling my body to function as healthfully as possible while evading toxicity!                                                                    
                                                                                    Carlie Domingues



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