Our Studio Space at Village Yoga Santa Cruz

Our studio space is beautiful, bright, clean and warm. The yoga studio is a heated space, with gentle, moist heat. It is a warm space, both physically and emotionally; it is a loving space that will fill you up when you feel empty and sustain you when you are already full; it is a compassionate space that accepts you exactly as you are in this moment and does not judge what your body can or cannot do; it is a space that allows for exploration, inquiry, expansion, and healing of the body, mind and spirit.





Village yoga offers the following amenities and conveniences.
Please note that not all amenities and conveniences are free.
Some are for sale or rental.

Inside the Village Yoga Studio


  • Separate men's and women's showers and changing rooms
  • Paid parking in front, in several nearby lots, and in metered parking on all the surrounding streets
  • Bike parking in front of studio (Free yoga mat rental when you ride your bike!)
  • Filtered water – please bring a reusable water bottle for refill
  • Towel Rentals $2
  •  Mat Rentals $2
  •  Water $2
  • Small yoga retail area with clothing & books


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1106 PACIFIC AVE.  SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060                   info@villageyogasantacruz.com