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When we opened Village Yoga thirteen years ago, an amazing teacher, Summer Skye Bennett, came into our lives. She left this world a few years later, shortly before her 33rd birthday, from a brain tumor. Before Summer passed, she looked Amy and I in the eye and said, "LOVE and GRATITUDE, it's all about LOVE and GRATITUDE." In honor of her spirit and truth, we took this mantra and made it the heart of our offering at Village Yoga. We provide a space and a physical practice for all that enables us to generate more love and gratitude for ourselves. This, in turn, ripples out to our families, our community, our world, our universe. What you do in this space is revolutionary!

The Village Yoga logo has the phrase "Love & Gratitude" inside of a butterfly. Butterflies represent change and transformation, and they fill us with wonder, beauty and hope. It seems that the process of becoming a butterfly requires a willingness to shed the limiting belief about who you think you are. Does the crawling caterpillar even KNOW that it will fly one day? We, as humans, get the privilege of having this same transformation: the unveiling, the unfolding of our true selves. But, the journey can be so hard, uncomfortable, and messy because... it is! Yet, with faith and hope, like the butterfly, we wind our way through this process to get to the beauty and freedom that awaits us on the other side.

Over the last few years, Village Yoga has been in a metaphoric cocoon. We are happy to say that our wings are unfolding, and we hope you will fly with us! Here are some of the exciting changes:

Starting September 1st, our new schedule offers one-hour Bikram and Flow classes, evening Flow classes, Flow classes with less and no heat, a weekly meditation class, a monthly Restorative class & more workshops and opportunities to gather as a community. 

A couple of amazing new teachers are joining our VY family, and their classes and energy will inspire and lift you up.
We will have a monthly newsletter to inform you and connect you with all of the goings-on at the studio, including monthly workshops, specials, holiday schedules, etc.

We have changed our price structure as well, and hope it will serve both you and VY.

We have lockers now available for monthly rental, and are offering monthly mat storage as well (see website for details).
Lastly, look out for our new website coming very soon!

We would like to thank you for being on this journey with us, and for your huge outpouring of support, especially in the last couple of months. We are here because of you and for you, and hope to be here for a long time. Enjoy the changes!

In Love & Gratitude,
Sally and Amy


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